My approach to psychotherapy is rooted in investigating the hidden or deeper aspects of human experience, those that aren’t apparent on initial observation. All emotions communicate something valuable. It’s my job to help you decipher those messages and use your feeling more effectively, rather than being overcome by them.

During safe individual, couples, and group sessions, I collaborate with clients to identify patterns, past experiences and obstacles that keep them stuck. Together, we carefully examine what’s working and then consider what could better.

I approach psychotherapy with openness, respect, and curiosity. There’s so much to learn about ourselves, others and the world around us. I can help you navigate life with increased awareness, empowerment and balance.

Psychotherapy occurs within a relational context, regardless of whether it’s a one-on-one, couple or group dynamic. I regard therapy as a collaborative and experiential process. In the room, I am deeply present and engaged, and I bring in my intuition and creativity to the process, while I invite the use of metaphor, dreams, imagery, somatic awareness, and mindfulness practices.

When you feel safe and considered, an amazing shift can occur: Previously misunderstood parts of yourself can emerge as opportunities for healing and profound growth. By integrating all the crucial parts of you, it’s possible to feel balanced, whole and ready to take on life’s many and varied challenges.

With my guidance and support, it’s possible to harness and utilize your emotional life. Together, we can identify goals, and work swiftly toward the life you want.  

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Lavanya Shankar, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who specializes in individual, couples and group therapy for a variety of mental health issues, including grief, trauma and more. She holds a doctorate in counseling psychology and a Masters in Education in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. She has worked in diverse environments and with people from all walks of life, including veterans, artists, children, students, and folks in correctional facilities. She has been helping adults in private practice since 2011. Her private practice is located in Austin, TX.