Grief Counseling


Are You Struggling With Grief And Loss?

Have you been through a loss that you don’t know how to process?

Does it seem like you can’t return to what was, but you can’t move forward either?

Are you having trouble accepting this loss?

Perhaps grief from the past has surfaced following a recent major life change.

Do you feel overwhelmed by heavy emotions of confusion, sadness or anger?

Loss can shatter life as you know it and unravel your sense of self. It can turn your world upside down, forcing you to navigate a new life, one you didn’t plan for. Following the loss of a loved one, it’s common to feel deep sadness, despair, anger, loneliness, fear, and even numbness. You may desperately want to return to life before the loss, but you know that’s not possible. 

Loss Is A Universal Experience

If you’re struggling with heavy emotions related to grief and loss, you are not alone. At some point, we all experience hurt. Whether it’s from the death of a loved one, dealing with divorce, separation, the loss of a life phase, health or your ability to function, we all experience grief.  The question is how to move through grief so you can experience life more fully. 

Because our culture is uncomfortable with grief, individuals often suppress sadness, anger and other grief related emotions and sensations. When people refuse to dispel emotion, it can get stuck in their system. Unresolved grief can create a number of issues, including depression and anxiety, physical health issues, restrictive life choices and relationship discord. Not only that, but unprocessed grief runs the risk of surfacing later on down the road, which can complicate future experiences of grief and loss.

When we allow ourselves to experience grief in our own time and way, it can be revelatory and transformative. Grief has many lessons to teach us. Chinese medicine associates grief with the lungs, which are where inspiration originates. Grief can call us to breathe in new life. With acceptance and compassion, it’s possible to emerge more resilient and purposeful from this very trying time. 

Grief Counseling Allows You To Process Pain At Your Own Pace

Bereavement counseling can be incredibly helpful in addressing the layers of emotions that exist in the wake of loss. Therapy provides a safe space for you to grieve at your own pace.

Emotions related to grief can be complex and multifaceted, and everyone’s experience with the stages of grief is unique. As a grief therapist, I am especially attuned to emotional nuances and nonverbal communication and am able to help you identify and express feelings thoroughly and productively. Most clients find that speaking with a therapist is not like talking with friends or family. In a nonjudgmental space—that is dedicated to you and your experience—you can openly explore emotions, memories, wants and needs.

Here, you can be vulnerable and unconditionally supported. If you’re feeling lost, therapy is a space where you can experience a revitalization of self. With the right guidance, it’s possible to expel pent up emotion that’s stored in the body and learn how to communicate your thoughts and feelings effectively. Using pictures, narrative, and rituals, you can come to honor your loss, while you build a strong foundation for your new life. Together, we can design an individualized plan that utilizes your gifts and resources.

I know this may be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever gone through, but it is possible to deeply explore the significance of what you lost and honor it. Moving forward doesn’t mean forgetting. It simply means feeling more balanced while you enter this new life phase.

You may still have questions or concerns about bereavement counseling…

If everyone experiences grief, do I really need therapy?

Grief is a very normal response to loss. With additional support and guidance, you can gain invaluable insights and stress reduction tools that aid your journey through grief.

For some, therapy is an opportunity to learn more about the nature of emotions. With this knowledge, you can find out how to use your emotions to your benefit, which can lead to tremendous personal growth. 

If you find yourself struggling with heavy emotions related to depression and anxiety, questioning what happened or what you could have done differently, or are having difficulty functioning, you deserve the space and time to process overwhelming emotions. You deserve to feel better. You deserve support.

I’m worried that therapy will worsen my pain, that I’ll cry uncontrollably.

The most important element of healthy grieving is allowing yourself to feel feelings. Grief counseling provides you with a safe container to do just that. If you’re struggling to “keep it together” throughout your day, it can help to have a dedicated time and space to allow the feelings to emerge. Although you’ll feel bad when feelings set on, you’ll feel more engaged and lighter later on.

I don’t want to get “over it.” I don’t want to forget my loved one.

If you’ve lost someone very dear to you, of course you want to stay connected. Grief therapy does not encourage you to forget. If fact, I hope you never let go of your special connection. Here, you can accept the loss compassionately by acknowledging how that person’s absence will always be a part of you. With guidance and support, it’s possible to stay connected while you heal.

Honor Your Loss

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