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Is Your Life Limited By Anxiety?

From the moment you wake up, are you overwhelmed as you think of facing the day ahead? Maybe your mind races thinking about all the things you need to do. Do you feel on edge throughout your day, fearful that something is about to go terribly wrong? Maybe anxiety symptoms hit out of nowhere, and you can’t find a way to relax.  

Anxiety can take many forms and have varying levels of severity. On one end of the spectrum, you may really struggle to function and even suffer from panic attacks. Even seemingly simple tasks, like going to work, can feel completely daunting. On the other end, you may be functioning well on the outside, maybe even accomplishing things as an overly responsible perfectionist. No matter what it looks like from the outside, anxiety is exhausting. The more you rationalize your fears, the bigger they become, until the cycle of thinking feels endless.

Regardless of how anxiety is manifesting, in the midst of this internal chaos, you likely feel disconnected from yourself and others. In your relationships, you may struggle to communicate your experience or set healthy boundaries. In an attempt to avoid potentially uncomfortable situations, you may isolate yourself and miss out on important prospects, interactions or adventures. Life can feel small and limited when you are crippled by anxiety.

If you’re persistently worried or distressed, you may no longer feel in control. Without any effective way to soothe, you may experience distressing physical anxiety symptoms, such as gastrointestinal problems, muscle tension, racing heart, sleep issues and more.

Maybe you’re trying to hold it all together, but nothing seems to heal your pain on the inside. With mental and physical sensations restricting your ability to live life to the fullest, you know that something needs to change. Would you like to learn more about how anxiety manifests and acquire specific tools to soothe the anxiety and discover your center? 

You Are Not Alone

If you are suffering from the mental or physical symptoms of anxiety, you are not alone. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health concern in the US.

Our brains and nervous systems are adaptively wired to perceive dangers. When we encounter a threat, our bodies respond with sensations that are referred to as “fight,” “flight” or “freeze.” These are not cognitive or rational responses—they are intended to alert us to danger. So, they bypass rational thinking. 

An anxiety disorder forms when these responses are triggered when no impending danger is present. The nervous system is overactive and becomes trained to repetitively react to stress. As a result, stress frequently floods the body.  

There are a number of theories about how anxiety disorders develop. When our culture is so focused on achieving goals and obtaining success, research has shown a correlation with higher rates of anxiety and depression. In addition to this, our relationships and sense of community are weaker, which can deepen a sense of isolation and fuel low self-esteem.

Further, if you grew up with an anxious parent, you’re at a predisposition to develop an anxiety disorder. We all learn how to regulate emotions from our earliest caregivers. If one of yours modeled anxious behavior, it’s likely that you adopted those patterns.

 The good news is that healing is possible. Anxiety may be one of the most common mental health concerns, but it’s also one of the most treatable. 

I believe that all healing occurs in the context of relationships. In individual and/or group therapy, you can come to understand the nature of your anxiety and how to overcome both the surface symptoms and root cause of distress.

Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Heal

I offer holistic anxiety treatment, healing mind, body and spirit. With all these elements integrated, I can help you rewire your nervous system to respond to stressors in new, healthier ways.  

I work with the mind-body connection to help you develop greater awareness of how anxiety is expressed in your unique system. I can help you tune into your body to explore what’s causing your anxiety.

During our sessions together, I will help you find your center by teaching you to regulate anxiety in our moment to moment interactions. In fact, research shows that people regulate one another emotionally. So, in a safe, secure relationship context, whether with me or in group therapy, you can experience relief through the support of others.

The safer you feel in session, the more balanced and confident you will feel in your world and relationships. I can teach you calming practices to utilize when you’re stressed. These will increase awareness of the ways anxiety cuts you off from yourself. Once you’re able to identify internal struggles, then you can learn to release them through the body, leading to profound physical and emotional relief.

Once you begin to feel physically better, then we can work through the underlying pains that drive anxiety. Step by step, we can work toward enhancing your mental wellness. 

With tangible skills and newfound awareness, you can learn to orient yourself differently—to make small, incremental changes that have a significant impact.

I’ve been working with people suffering from anxiety for many years, and I love this work. I’ve had a lot of success. With commitment, you can not only alleviate symptoms but feel increasingly stable, grounded, self-compassionate and empowered.

You may still have questions or concerns about anxiety counseling…  

How long does anxiety therapy take?  

The length of therapy varies depending on the severity of your symptoms, your goals and commitment level. Oftentimes, symptom reduction can happen relatively quickly while addressing underlying issues takes more time.

It’s understandable to want quick relief as soon as possible, but I find that it takes time and commitment to resolve what fuels anxiety. With guidance and support, it’s possible to expand your capacity for life.

Will I need to take medication?

Although I don’t prescribe medication, I can make a trusted referral if you’re interested in your options. Some people find that medication is an effective temporary solution that allows them to tolerate anxiety symptoms and better engage in the therapeutic process. Other people find they prefer to address anxiety concerns without the use of mediation. Regardless, the choice to take medicine is yours, and I will support your decision either way.

I’ve been living with this so long; I can’t imagine anything will help.

I know how crippling anxiety can be. With that being said, severe anxiety often doesn’t alleviate on its own. I’ve seen tremendous success in helping individuals release worry and fear. Imagine your life without panic. Imagine being connected to the important people in your life. Anxiety therapy can help you thrive in ways you haven’t been able to before.

Healing Is Possible

If you would like to learn more about anxiety counseling or schedule a session, please feel call 512-222-6946 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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